Main Business :
Allied Sundar is a group of more than 88 manufacturers in both of Taiwan and China, all of them are ISO 9001 or ISO/TS 16949 certified.

We are specialized in designing, fabricating and global supplying of the following products:

˙Forging Parts
. Hot Forging Parts . Warm Forging Parts
. Cold Forging Parts . Aluminum Forging Parts
˙Casting Parts
. Die Casting Parts . Cast Irons
. Gravity Casting Parts . Investment Casting Parts
˙CNC Machining Parts
˙Molds & Dies
˙Others Parts
. Sintering Parts . Metal Stamping Parts
. Bronze Casting Parts & Brass Forging Parts . Cold Heading Parts
. Springs . Metal & Plastic Assemblies
. Chair Control Mechanisms
. Automotive Components & Assemblies for Chassis Systems & Suspension Systems
. Other Automotive Tier 2 Components & Assemblies

We help our customers to secure new business and strengthen the competitiveness through:
˙VA/VE Cost Management
˙Project Management
˙Engineering & Process Management
˙Quality Management
˙Productivity Management
˙Risk Management
˙Supply Chain Management

Main Markets: Japan, Europe, North America, emerging markets such as Hungary, Turkey and Iran.